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'Lincs Red'

 The ‘Lincs  Red ‘ footstool  brings  a little bit of Lincolnshire into your home.The bespoke nature of the 'Lincs Red' makes each one unique and individual, as the cattle from which the inspiration came.  The ‘Lincs Red’ footsool is inspired by the ‘Lincolnshire Red’,  one of the oldest native breads of beef cattle in the United Kingdom. For more details, see the product list below.

Bespoke design

We can realise your vision through heritage craft design. We have a wide range of design skills and a network of skilled artisans who will help us produce your high quality artefact.


About Blue Sky Green Hills Design

Our background

Blue Sky Green Hills Design are husband and wife team Julie and George Torrens. 

Julie has over thirty years experience in retail and has been involved in crafts for the last ten years.

George is a designer with over thirty years’ experience in all forms of  human scale design. 

Julie and George design and realise concepts and manufacture high-quality, limited edition products. 

This is done in partnership with many local skilled craftspeople, but also with others Nationally and Internationally.

How we got started

We've both have a passion for design, new and old. 

We have always enjoyed museums, and heritage sites. 

We both love to make things and have a number of garden sheds in which we make our prototypes and products. 

What started as a hobby has now developed into our business.

Our style

Our taste is eclectic, ranging from medieval and Gothic artifacts to modernist classics. 

We are proud of our heritage as a Lincolnshire girl and Cumbrian lad and strive to convey through the products we design a sense of the big skies of Lincolnshire and green fells of Cumbria.

Our work has led our interests to consider:  what makes a particular place special?; and, why do certain materials, heritage crafts and traditions become associated with one region and even one particular location?

In trying to answer these questions, we've designed and produced a range of craft-based  products, often with the help of highly skilled local crafts people, with whom we've built up a relationship over the years. 

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Blue Sky Green Hills Design

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